What is Yaw, anyway?

Definition: To have motion about a vertical axis.
By increasing camber on a wheel chair you reduce the amount of force needed to rotate on a vertical axis making it easier to do the act of yaw. Making it is easier to turn a wheelchair in a circle while providing more stability.

The Engineer: Chad

Chad has been on a mission for nearly a decade to invent a component that helps people. Finally, two years ago he figured it out and today he is changing lives, one wheelchair at a time!

The Story

YAW MOTION was created by Chad, a tinkerer and fabricator since a young age, who is famous for multiple times  a day saying, “Hey, I got a new invention!” He decided nearly a decade ago he was going to create a company and focus his energy on inventing a part to change peoples’ lives.  With his constant stream of new ideas it was just a matter of time before the right invention came around!

That day came when Chad and his wife were hanging out with another couple; the husband of the couple was in a wheelchair.  After Chad heard the man talk about the limitations of his wheelchair, he was on a mission to find a solution.

Fast-forward two years and Chad has an answer!  He opened YAW MOTION and designed and built The Free Camber System as a solution to his friend’s need.  He is now fulfilling his desire to give back… giving back to those bound to a wheelchair.