Now daily chairs can satisfy all needs, whether it is getting through a narrow doorway or playing basketball with friends. Finally, you can take control!

The Free Camber System replaces the rear axel on the current chair and plugs directly into the wheels. Pull pins on the assembly allows users to easily adjust the wheels to different degrees of camber ranging from 0° to 12°. This gives users the ability to fit through most narrow doorways but also turning in tight spaces, enjoying outdoor adventures and sports.

Adjustable Camber

Allows users access to narrow spaces and increase stability when moving faster or outside.

Ultra Light Weight

Made from three aircraft aluminum alloys to create the strongest, yet lightest bond.

Quality First

Every part is made right here in the U.S.A. with quality being the #1 priority.

All-in-One Chair

Your everyday chair & athletic chair in one!

Easy Install

Users can install the component themselves using our installation guide.